Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 331, Saturday, November 27

Now that is a pancake! Petyon spent the night last night...and he wanted pancakes for breakfast. I made a huge pancake for him and he asked for butter, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on it. He didn't eat the whole thing, but he did a pretty good job. It was a fun morning with never know what is going to happen...see the little Lego guy on the placemat? the breakfast table!

Day 330, Friday, November 26

Hi Uncle Jim! That's me and Peyton down on the ice at the Rivermen Game. We helped pick up the pucks from the intermission game...Chuck-a-puck. I told Peyton there was going to be a surprise after the second period. He kept asking me what and when the surprise was! He had fun picking up the pucks. We got our tickets for $5 today...between 10am and 2 pm all upper bowl tickets were $5 for black friday.

Day 329, Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving! I created this photo collage for my picture of the day. I couldn't just pick one photo today, so through the miracle of photoshop...I have potd 329/365. It was a great day to spend with my family! Love you all!

Day 328, Wednesday, November 28

I have been looking at this chart for the past 4 weeks...3 times a week. My neck and lower back have been hurting and I have been getting adjustments from my "bone crusher".

Day 327, Tuesday, November 23

The Pre-K students had their "feast" today for snack. Each student brought a "snack" item in a sandwich size bag. They all got to place their snack into the larger bag and the teachers stirred it all up! There were about 38 students and just about that many different types of crackers, cereal, candy, popcorn, etc. It was fun to see what they each brought and how much they enjoyed sharing their snack today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 326, Monday, November 22

Well, this is something you don't see everyday in Central Illinois 3 days before Thanksgiving! Yes, the temperature was 75 degrees when I went to lunch today at 1:37 p.m. (Just so you know, the T 6, is track 6, Rascal Flatts, Still Feels Good! lol)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 325, Sunday, November 21

I finished the shopping for Thanksgiving today. Can you tell what we are having for dinner?

Day 324, Saturday, November 20

Well, I played tennis tonight for the first time in almost 3 years! Jim got a call from Angie from the Morton Tennis Club wanting us to play tonight. So we did. These are the name tags we wore. The court numbers and initials of our partners were written on the bottom of the tags. I didn't play too bad....but my serve sure needs some work!

Day 323, Friday, November 19

Jason Christie was inducted into the Rivermen Hall of Fame tonight. He played on the team that won the Kelly Cup during the 1999-2000 year. He went on to coach the team until 2005. Jim is getting his poster signed by Jason.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 322, Thursday, November 18

Mini pumpkin pies...that is what these are...just about 4 bites of pie. Grandparents Day was today at school. We had 213 grandparents eat lunch with their grandchild. The students got their picture taken with their grandparents. We invited the grandparents to "adopt a book" in the name of their grandchild. A special label is placed in the book that was chosen for adoption.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 321, Wednesday, November 17

I know it is really late to be posting Halloween crafts...however, you know how much I love the Tim Holtz products. These tags were published in Paper Crafts magazine and I couldn't resist creating them. Cindy got me some of the products that I needed and I got busy and made all of the tags!

Day 320, Tuesday, November 16

My friend Bridget gave us a prompt today...something new. Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban had new CD's out I had to get them. And well, the Toy Story 3 DVD just jumped in my shopping cart, too! Yippee!

Day 319, Monday, November 15

We had our November card swap on Monday, November 1. We were to make holiday cards. If you enlarge the picture, you can see what awesome cards my friends made!

Day 318, Sunday, November 14

We went shopping today at Kohl's. I got the 30% off coupon and got started on some Christmas shopping. I got $40 in Kohl's cash, too. On Tuesday, the two specials overlap. 30% off and you can use your Kohl's cash!

Day 317, Saturday, November 13

I saw these tissue box covers on splitcoaststampers last week. I made two of them today. They are lots of fun...and really easy to do! I might have to make some more of them for Christmas gifts!

Day 316, Friday, November 12

Happy Birthday to Cindy! (her birthday is sunday, but we celebrated today at school) Once again, she is the same age as me!

Day 315, Thursday, November 11

This tree is so pretty! I just love the way the leaves have changed colors in the past week!

Day 314, Wednesday, November 10

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this planter. I just love those purple cabbage plants. (well, I am not sure that is the "official" name of this plant). I thought all of these plants were holding up well being outside in November!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 313, Tuesday, November 9

Saige is 2 months old, today! I can't believe how much this babygirl has grown! Look at her blowing bubbles...she is so adorable and such a good baby. She slept alot today...she got her first baby shots.

Day 312, Monday, November 8

I came home today, to see the cable poking up out of the ground. I am not sure how they run the cable under the ground without digging up the entire yard!

Day 311, Sunday, November 7

Happy Birthday, Nate! Today is Nathan's 29th birthday. It seems like only yesterday, to me, that he was born. I can't believe he is that old already. I feel really old today. I hope he had a great day!

Day 310, Saturday, November 6

This week, we have been moving my parents into an appartment from a 5th wheel trailer. Oh, yeah, that is Peyton squashing green tomatoes in the yard!

Day 309, Friday, November 5

As I was getting in the car, after working out, it started to rain and the most beautiful rainbow showed up across the sky. This picture doesn't do it justice, but most things God creates are more beautiful in real life!

Day 308, Thursday, November 4

As the story goes....the new cable company is getting ready to install underground cable, so they are marking the lawns in our neighborhood with little flags. Peyton was running around our yard, throwing leaves into the air. He stopped right in front of this white flag and asked...why do you have a white flag in your yard, Aunt Aprile? I explained the new cable company was marking the gas and water lines with the flags, so they could dig up the ground and install the new cable. He said, "Why, are they surrendering?"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 307, Wednesday, November 3

These cards are from our October card swap. We were supposed to "scent" our cards this month.

Day 306, Tuesday, November 2

Jim sent me roses for my birthday! Thanks Guy!

Day 305, Monday, November 1

Tonight was our card swap. I used the Winter House folder to emboss the background. I cut the scallop circle with a nestablities. I made the card into a "tent" card that I found at Added some ribbon, nylon net, a charm, some bling...a few stickles on the snowflakes and some doodling.

Day 304, Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween! We had the cutest little bumble bees show up at our door tonight! John and Nikki brought Chelsea and Emma to trick or treat. (I think John was having as much fun as Chelsea!)

Day 303, Saturday, October 30

Stacie and I went to the Women's Lifestyle Show at the Civic Center today. We dressed up in hat and boas at one of the booths. There were tons of free samples from all the businesses. We got a message, too! It was a great way for mom and daughter to spend the day! Thanks, Stacie for inviting me to the show!

Day 302, Friday, October 29

Peyton and Stacie wanted to be Legos for Halloween. So I got out my glue gun, foam board and a few cans of spray paint. I used a mailing tube, cut into 2" sections and glued them to the foam board. I added a circle of chipboard that I cut with George and cut the Lego letters with Lyrical Letters. Peyton won first place for 3rd grade in the costume contest! (No pressure next year....right?)

Day 301, Thursday, October 28

I made treat bags for the special little trick or treaters who stop by our house. I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the bats and some Halloween paper from Michael's. I tied the bags shut with orange, black and green nylon net. It was fun to do and I hope that the kids enjoyed their treats!