Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 338, Sunday, December 4

December 1 is the beginning of the "12 Tags of Christmas" by Tim Holtz.  This is the fifth year he has created the tags.  I am such a big fan of his work!  I created all of the tags from the past two years (and want to finish the other 2 years).  I stayed up late last night after the hockey game and created these two tags.  You can see his tags on his blog at

Day 337, Saturday, December 3

We went to the hockey game tonight!  It was the first one we have been able to go to all season.  All of these stuffed animals were tossed to the ice after the Rivermen scored the first goal...which wasn't until the 3rd period!  They collected the toys for kids in our area who have contact with emergency personnel (fire or police) to help calm the kids down when there is an emergency in their home or family.  Jim and Eric threw them to the lower bowl and then other fans tossed them to the ice!

Day 336, Friday, December 2

Jim and I both got home at the same time tonight.  I had errands to run after work and then went to exercise.  Usually, I am home about 40 minutes before him.  Anyway, there were a bunch of packages on our back door step.  I had one from Donna Downey, he had one from Morton Buildings and one from ordering some bullets and then one package was from John and Sara in Arizona!  This cute little reindeer candle holder!  He has jingle bells on his cute!

Day 335, Thursday, December 1

We went to Kobe Steakhouse with John and Stacie tonight.  She called and asked if we wanted to go with them.  I hadn't eaten lunch she told me to save some points.  I had 4 points for lunch (thanks to 0 point Progresso soup) and stayed on track for dinner by chosing to have extra veggies and no fried rice.  Yes, I missed having the rice...but at 10 points per serving...that was too much for me to use!  Anyway, it was a great meal with Stacie, John and Jim!

Day 334, Wednesday, November 30

I got this gift card today from my boss.  He just wanted to show his appreciation for me staying late after school with some kids that didn't get picked up on time from school.  Their parents missed the bus when it came to drop them they were brought back to school.  The last parent didn't get to the office until 4:45...which is an hour and 40 minutes after dismissal.  It is nice to know my boss is thankful for the job I do...and the subway sandwich was great!

Day 333, Tuesday, November 29

I had to take a picture of my new Jelly Belly Longaberger Basket!  I couldn't go on the bus trip to Wisconsin with Cindy, so I sent money with her to buy me a basket and some Jelly Belly jelly beans for Jim.  (Those are his favorite jelly beans!)  He asked for cherry and pina colada.  I also asked her to get the Belly Flops...which are irregular jelly beans.  They don't always have those at the warehouse, but they had a special the day the bus trip was there!

Day 332, Monday, November 28

I joined Weight Watchers on August 8.  I got a new weight record book tonight.  I am happy I have lost 29 1/2 pounds!  The PointsPlus program is really easy for me to follow.  Our leader told us tonight, we would be getting the new changes to the program next week.  I can't wait to see what the changes are!

Day 331, Sunday, November 27

The trees are up and decorated!  We worked for about 4 1/2 hours today and got all of the decorating done.  I took the "less is more" approach to my trees and decorations this year!  Thanks, Jim for helping would have taken all day and night by myself.

Day 330, Saturday, November 26

Jim has decided to dispose of his tennis trophies.  He played in few tournaments and won a few prizes.  So, he just took a picture and then tossed them in the can.  (I however, could not toss the only trophy that I had ever is still on the shelf!)

Day 329, Friday, November 25

I am still working on the Holiday Card Camp Class.  I didn't go shopping today (it's Black Friday).  I like how these cards turned out.  Even though I don't have all the supplies that are used...I used what I had and was happy in the end.  I registered to take a class in Janaury, too!

Day 328, Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!  We had dinner at 12 o'clock today.  John, Stacie, Peyton, Cyndi, Momaw, Poppie, Jim and me.  Nate had to work a 14 hour shift today and Rob was sleeping since he was working 3rd shift last night.  We had all the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake that anyone could ever want!  Jim and Peyton shared a wish with the wishbone from the turkey.  Jim's half was bigger and Peyton didn't understand why his wish wasn't going to come true.  (I don't think Jim's will either...since he wished for a million bucks! LOL)  Anyway, today was a great day to spend with family.

Day 327, Wednesday, November 23

I took this picture of the flag the other day.  I liked how it turned I wanted to use it.  I was busy today getting things ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I thought it would be a great time to insert it here!