Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 89, Tuesday, March 30

I made these little chicks using my scallop circle nesties. I had the one with the pink bow from a Stampin' Up workshop that Nikki had a few weeks ago. I just loved it, but didn't have the big shot scallop circle, so I used the nesties instead. They are a little smaller, but still turned out cute. The tuff of hair is 3 petals from the 5 petal flower, the eyes are 1" circle and 3/4" circle punches, the feet are one of the flowers from the Boho Blossom punch and the beak is a square folded in half 3/4" I think.

This card I cut using the Wild Card cartridge, Father's Day cut I think, added a background stamp, cut the eggs from patterned paper from Hobby Lobby, cut the grass from Zooballo and used the picket fence Martha Stewart punch. I inked the edges of the card and doodled around the edges, too. The ribbon is from Michael's. One card is larger than the other. I cut two different sizes and finished them both...just had to "create" an envie for the larger one. These cards are in the mail today!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 88, Monday, March 29

Z is for Zamboni. I had two of the Rivermen zamboni's for some I just took a picture of them. I always want to ride the zamboni...and in some arena's they will let you do that....but not ours. So that's on my bucket ride a zamboni....or I would drive it, too!

Day 87, Sunday, March 28

Y is for Yards of Yellow ribbon. I thought and thought about this one and finally figured it out!

Day 86, Saturday, March 27

X is for X-ray. Who has an x-ray laying around their house? Well, I do. This is one of the x-rays Nate had just after his lung collasped in December 1997. He had surgery to permanently attach his lung to his chest. And then again a year later, he had the other lung attached, too. Now his lungs don't "float" in fluid like everyone else.
Today, this flower arrangement came today. This one is from Ty, my boss. The card says, "Why didn't you come to work on friday?" I wonder! Thanks for the flowers...they are very pretty...but I heard you wanted to send me black flowers!!

Day 85, Friday, March 26

W is for Walking With Dinosaurs. Peyton, Cyndi and I are going to see this show on May 11. Peyton loves dinos and these are supposed to be life size....can't wait!

I received these flowers today from our friends Byron and Melanie! It is hard to see...but they are in a sunflower tea cup. It is just the sweetest arrangement! Sure made my day....thanks a lot!

Day 84, Thursday, March 25

V is for Vecchi. Wendy Vecchi is one of my favorite artists. I met her last year and have been loving her style ever since! She has authored two books now...just got number 2 the other day. I can't wait to get my fingers inky every time I look at her books and samples on her blog!

This flower arrangement was waiting for me when I got back from surgery today! Thanks Rachel, Mike, Cody, Ally, Katie and Jordan! I had to have my gall bladder removed at 11:15 a.m. I was home by 6:30 p.m. and I am happy to be here!

Day 83, Wednesday, March 24

U is for umbrella. I know kinda sad to take a picture of umbrella paper just to get the U word! I ended up in the ER at 3 a.m. this morning. Pretty sure it is my gall bladder, but checking out my heart just in case!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 82, Tuesday, March 23

Happy Birthday, Peyton! Today is his 8th birthday. I guess he had a "rough" day at school, but was excited to go to his favorite Burger King for dinner tonight. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he told me Legos....guess I bought the right thing! We also gave him $20 to buy something when we go see "Walking with Dinosaurs!" in May.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81, Monday, March 22

T is for Texting. This is the message I got today on my phone. We just recently entered the texting world. We didn't have texting on our phone plan...well, we could receive them for free, just not send them for we didn't text anyone. When we got our new phones...we added 250 text messages per phone per month...and one of the services our company gives is a free message when you are at 75% of your free limit in minutes or text messages. I got this message today and so did Jim! Oops, I guess we figured it out!! lol We won't go over this month as it resets on March 25, but it sure made us aware of how many we have been sending!

Day 80, Sunday, March 21

S is for Stamping. Today, we stamped, punched holes, tied ribbon, glue dotted leaves and flowers, scored, folded and stuffed Toni and Jeremy's wedding invitations. Most of the girls who are going to be in her wedding, came to my house to assemble the invites! We talked, laughed, worked and ate for a couple of hours this afternoon. Thanks for asking me to help you, Toni! Love Ya!

This is what the invites looked like folded. The flower is cut from Life's a Beach and the leaves are from Walk In My Garden. I think the stamp is from Michael's. The ink was magenta from Stampin' Up.

Oops, this one is sideways! Anyway, you can see how we folded the cardstock into thirds. The wording was printed on sheets of vellum...and attached to the cardstock by two 1/8" holes and ribbon knotted through them. The cardstock started out at 6 x 12. Then I printed the return postcard (see next picture) at the end of the paper, ran the perforating blade at 4" make the return card 4 x 6.

This is the entire length of the 6 x 12 cardstock. (I covered up the names and addresses)
We scored it again at about 3 3/4" to allow the whole thing to fold into thirds.

This is the entire back.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79, Saturday, March 20

R is for Retouching Photos. I took a class today at Peoria Camera. We used Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 to retouch, resize and recolor photos from each student. It was alot of fun and work at the same time. Oh, and R could be for rebate...I have to mail in the rebate for $20...just saw that reminder in my picture.

Day 78, Friday, March 19

Q is for Quaker. I have been instructed by my doctor to eat oatmeal to lower my bloodwork. Well, I am sorry to say, this girl is NOT eating hot oatmeal out of a bowl...not today, not tomorrow, not ever. My favorite way to eat oatmeal is in no-bake cookies that my BFF Cindy makes. But since cookies are out of my diet for now (probably forever!) I found these bars that are 100 calories and 3 fat grams. I keep one in my purse just in case I am out and need something to eat. Helps me stay on track!

Day 77, Thursday, March 18

P is for Paper. This is my stash of 12X12 solid colored cardstock. I have just about every color of the rainbow in plain and textured. I do use lots of cardstock ... well and patterned paper, too. (couldn't get it all in one shot!)

Day 76, Wednesday, March 17

Update...Here is my picture of John, Stacie and Jim. I finally got them all together!

I am saving this post for a picture of Stacie, John and Jim. I haven't be able to get them all together to get a group shot. Since Stacie and John got married 3 years ago on Jim's birthday, I thought (much to their dismay) that they should all 3 be in the picture of the day!

Day 75, Tuesday, March 16

O is for Oprah magazine. I have been receiving this magazine for almost a year now. I got a special rate that was about $1 an issue. I subscribed to her magazine when she first started publishing several years ago and didn't renew the subscription. Well, I guess they missed me...cause I got the hook up on this rate!

Day 74, Monday, March 15

N is for Nephews! Two of which are currently in the desert...well, they probably aren't there right now...but they have been recently! Andy and Pete have been providing me with lots of pictures for this year! I sure would love to get my hands on some of them to scrapbook!

Day 73, Sunday, March 14

M is for Malibu. This is the back of Jim's silver 2005 Chevy Malibu. I drive a navy blue 2005 Chevy Malibu. We bought them on the same day brand new. These cars are the 4th & 5th Malibu that we have owned in our married life. We had a tan 2003 and a white 2003 at the same time....what we traded to get these. And we owned a maroon 1981 Malibu. We sold that car for $100 and the buyer made a stock car out of it! We tried to sell it, but it was beyond hope!

Day 72, Saturday, March 13

L is for Lincoln. We have lived on Lincoln st for 32 years. I can't believe we have never moved from this house. We lived in an apartment for the first two years that we were married. (I posted a picture of that building at the end of last year.) Lots of things have changed on our street and in our house in the last 32 years.

Day 71, Friday, March 12

K is for Kroger. This is where I go every week (or so) to get our groceries! Since I have been counting fat grams and calories, I have to go to the store more often. Fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive in the winter. But I sure feel better since I have lost some weight and have been eating better and exercising!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69, Wednesday, March 10

I is for Insurance Policy. The insurance policy is for Happiness. Jim's grandpa "issued" this policy to him for his birthday...many years ago. We found it in some papers when we were cleaning out the filing cabinet. His grandpa typed his name at the bottom after he signed it and even put (gramps).

Day 68, Tuesday, March 9

H is for Holtz, Tim Holtz that is! I just bought his new book the other day. He had posted on his blog, there were a "few" aprons to be included with this book. I was so excited to get one of the aprons and he autographed the inside cover of the book for me. I love his style and like to use his products whenever I can.

Day 67, Monday, March 8

G is for Gizmo. What a cute little puppy face! Well, he isn't a pup anymore, but to me he will always be my puppy dog. He will be 11 years old in May.

Day 66, Sunday, March 7

F is for Fenton. Here are 3 pieces of my Fenton collection. I started collecting Fenton, but only the blue, before we got married. I always look for Fenton when we go to antique stores. It is pretty hard to find the blue...and to find something that I don't already have!

Day 65, Saturday, March 6

Happy Birthday, Gram! She is 83 today!

Day 64, Friday, March 5

E is for Exercise & Ellen! I use both of these machines when I workout. I usually watch Ellen during the week while I workout. There is a cable where I can plug in my ipod and record my workout. When I get home, I can download it to itunes, who fowards it to Nike and my workout is saved. It will build a graphic to show the ups and downs in my workout. I am amazed at how much I have improved in the last two months!

Day 63, Thursday, March 4

D is for Dog Food! And expensive dog food it is! Gizmo, has to have allergy free dog food. So, this 8 pound bag of food will last about 6 weeks and cost us about $35. I sure am glad he is a small dog and only eats about 2 cups of food a day!

Day 62, Wednesday, March 3

C is for Cards! These are the cards from our March card swap. The challenge was to use a "punch" on our card. The card could be any occasion...just had to have a punch used on it! It was a fun challenge with lots of new ideas! Great job, Chirpin' Chicks! (Ooops, I missed Linda's card!)