Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87, Monday, March 28

When I opened the door this morning, Peyton said, "Aunt Aprile, can you take a picture of this?" Of course I can! He constructed this boat for a Lego contest. I tried 3 times to print it at home, but my printer would only print about an inch of the photo and stop. I have been having some trouble with my photo printer. I sent it to Walgreen's and picked it up after lunch. Good Luck to Peyton in the contest!

Day 86, Sunday, March 27

This is a morning dove. There have been several of them sitting on the neighbor's fence and this is the best picture I could get.

Day 85, Saturday, March 26

I like how this picture turned out. I was trying to focus on the foreground and to blur the background. I did it! Again, a picture of a bird and I don't know what kind of bird it is, but he was holding on to the branch for dear life!

Day 84, Friday, March 25

Jim took this picture of "little rocky". He always calls a squirrel "rocky"! We have had several in our yard, digging up food and running through the trees. Most of them are really fat from the winter.

Day 83, Thursday, March 24

I have been watching this Eagle cam for the past few days. Today, I got a picture of both the parents and their 3 eaglets. This nest is about 6 feet in diameter and about 4 feet deep. The first egg hatched on March 13, #2 on March 15 and #3 on March 17. It is awesome to watch them grow!

Day 82, Wednesday, March 23

Happy Birthday, Peyton! Today is Peyton's 9th birthday. He loves Legos...both Harry Potter and Star Wars...well, really he likes any Legos. Can't blame him, they are tons of fun to play with. Love you, little man.

Day 81, Tuesday, March 22

This little bunny was watching me take pictures today. He didn't move until I looked away...then hop, hop, hop and I would have to look for him. Since the grass is still brown in many spots, I had a hard time keeping up with him. You can see the corn cob that his friend the squirrel left behind!

Day 80, Monday, March 21

The Iris bulbs are starting to turn green! I can't wait until they bloom! They are purple and I love purple!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79, Sunday, March 20

We had a beautiful Spring day! Jim and I went to see if the bald eagles were still around...but we didn't see any of them. We saw this engine sitting on the railroad tracks. This is very near the river. Jim's dad worked for many years as the lift bridge tender, so this was familar ground to him.

Day 78, Saturday, March 19

Happy Birthday, Kyler! We went to his birthday party today. He is two! I got a couple of other pictures, but I wanted to use one of him opening his presents with his parents in the picture. He didn't understand why he couldn't play with each gift after he opened them.

Day 77, Friday, March 18

Today is our last day of Spirit Week. We wore our school colors, orange and black. Our mascot is a tiger. Several years ago, the two elementary schools adopted the "tiger" name and logo. The entire district is now the "Home of the Tigers!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 76, Thursday, March 17

Happy Birthday, Jim! Today Jim is 57 years old. We had reuben sandwiches from Applebee's tonight for supper. He played tennis and Byron didn't let him win, even though it was his birthday! Byron is just evil, I say!

I made his birthday card....3D. It is an explosion box.

When you take the lid off...the sides fold down and there is a "pot of gold" in the center.

I found the directions for the card on the splitcoaststampers site. The pot was made from the Sizzix wedding cake pop up die...but I don't own that I made my own from three rings of paper. It was a fun project and I hope Jim liked it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75, Wednesday, March 16

This week at school, we are having a school spirit week. Me, Cindy and Tiffany wore our Rivermen jersey's for "Sports" day. Monday was PJ's day, tuesday was hat day (I wore one, but whined about it all day!), wednesday was sports day, thursday will be green day and friday is orange and black day...our school colors! The students and staff are really enjoying the week!

Day 74, Tuesday, March 15

I finally got a copy of the new Cricut magazine. I wanted to look at a copy before I spend the money on a subscription. I haven't read it completely...just browsed through it...but I don't think I will be buying it.

Day 73, Monday, March 14

This is how Giz was sleeping this afternoon! He was on his back ,with his legs up in the air, with his eyes open and his ear flopped out! He went to the "Puppy Spa" on Saturday.

Day 72, Sunday, March 13

We went to Red Lobster today for lunch. Jim's birthday is this week and he wanted to take advantage of the Lobster Fest! And so we did!

Day 71, Saturday, March 12

I picked up some Sugar 'n Cream yarn today to make some dish cloths for a friend of mine. I hope this is the right color!

Day 70, Friday, March 11

I was trying to get some pictures of the cardinals in our yard, again, but they didn't cooperate. I ended up seeing this milk weed pod hanging in the bush. I am not sure how it got there, but I thought it was interesting.

Day 69, Thursday, March 10

We went to dinner tonight with Rob, Cyndi and Peyton. Peyton wanted to get Mountain Dew to drink...but Dad said no way! He got IBC Root Beer instead!

Day 68, Wednesday, March 9

We have been seeing lots of birds in our yard. Our neighbor has lots of bird feeders in their yard. I got this bird pic tonight. I don't know what kind of bird it is.

Day 67, Tuesday, March 8

Giz is feeling a little better, I think. He started a new med tonight. Proxicam is supposed to reduce the inflamation in the tissue of the tumor in his bladder. This dog sleeps all day while we are at work...and then he sleeps for a couple of hours in the evening.

Day 66, Monday, March 7

Tonight was our card swap. The challenge was to make something sweet and there was an optional challenge...a color challenge. We were given 3 different color combinations to use. You can see the cards larger if you click on the image. Lots of great cards again this month!

Day 65, Sunday, March 6

Happy Birthday to Grandma Smith! Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64, Saturday, March 5

Jim and I had to do some errands this evening. Neither one of us have been feeling good, so we rested this afternoon and went out for dinner. We stopped at Charlie's to pick up some piddle pads for Giz. I told Nate he had to be the picture of the day (he doesn't get much camera time). This sign is in the back corner of the he complied! Love you, Nater!

Day 63, Friday, March 4

Today the vet called to talk about Giz. He has a tumor in his bladder. Chemo might shrink the tumor and give him maybe 6 - 9 more months. We also talked about Prioxicam which helps with the pain and to shrink the tumor. The tumor is located close to the opening of the urethra, so removal is not an option. What are we going to do?

Day 62, Thursday, March 3

I got my Stampin' Up order today. I stayed home sick again today, so Jim picked it up from Nikki! Thanks, Jim and thanks Nikki for all the goodies!

Day 61, Wednesday, March 2

Went to the doctor this morning. I have a sinus infection...back to Walgreens today to get prescriptions. I don't feel well at all!

Day 60, Tuesday, March 1

I have not been feeling well. My allergies are bothering me. Stacie told me to go get a Neti Pot and try it. I left work at noon and stopped at Walgreens to buy the Neti Pot. I was so plugged up that it didn't run through my sinus at all. Bet I have to go to the doctor tomorrow!

Day 59, Monday, February 28

I joined an Artist Trading Club with my friends Pam and Bridget. For the first month, the theme was Angels. I made the one on the top row left side. It is so much fun to get a little piece of art from someone who lives far away!

Day 58, Sunday, February 27

I am really tired of the snow...but this scene looked really pretty!

Day 26, Saturday, February 26

Peyton joined the Chess Club at school. Today was his first time to play in a tournament. He did really well! He won two, lost two and had one stale mate. In this game, there was a "question" about a both boys went to the judge and asked for help. Peyton was right about the move, so he had two queens. He won this match, but lost the last one. He got a green ribbon for participating, but he wasn't happy about not getting a trophy.

Day 56, Friday, February 25

I have been wanting to try this receipe from Hungry Girl. You use a regular cake mix and put 12 oz of diet soda in the mix, stir it up and bake it acording to the box time and temp. There were several suggestions for I tried the lemon cake mix with diet lemon lime soda. I really was surprised at the texture and it tasted really good. I added a spoon full of fat free cool whip and I had a really low fat dessert! Yummo!

Day 55, Thursday, February 24

I have a little boy at school that I give medicine to every morning. He can't swallow a pill. We have tried putting it in juice and pudding. He gags and coughs to the point of throwing up. I felt really bad for him. A couple of weeks ago, he asked if he could try to swallow it we tried and he threw up. So, I asked him if he liked ice cream...Yes! I do! He wanted to try vanilla. I bought him vanilla ice cream and he has been taking that pill like a champ! Wish I would have thought of the ice cream last year!

Day 54, Wednesday, February 23

I made these Tim Holtz gears for my card challenge coming up. I had them all laid out and needed a pic of something repetitive. Hope the girls like my masculine birthday card when they see it!

Day 53, Tuesday, February 22

Purple has been one of my favorite colors since I was little. If it comes in purple...I like it!

Day 52, Monday, February 21

These are my favorite Apples! I eat an apple nearly everyday. This brand is the "Honeycrisp". They are really crunchy and stay that way for a really long time...even though they don't last long around this house!