Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51, Sunday, February 20

Giz had surgery on Friday. He had some stones in his bladder that were causing him to have potty accidents. He has to wear the "hood" for 10 days. He isn't really happy about that...but he is getting along with it pretty good. The yellow bandage around his leg is where the IV was. They put a little blue kerchief on him before they released him. He had us up in the night about 4 times last night. I hope he sleeps better tonight!

Day 50, Saturday, February 19

Today is my daughter's 31st birthday! It is hard for me to believe that she is 31! We had a great time tonight eating tacos, cake and ice cream and playing Catch Phrase. The photo booth was fun, too! Happy Birthday, darling daughter...hope you had a great birthday!

Day 49, Friday, February 18

Happy birthday, Rob! Today is his birthday and I still remember him wanting Stacie to be born on his birthday. But I guess she wanted her own birthday...her birthday is tomorrow!

Day 48, Thursday, February 17

The moon was really bright tonight. I tried to take a picture of it...didn't work out like I thought it would....but I still liked the look.

Day 47, Wednesday, February 16

I have been taking pictures to spell out our last name. This is for the letter "T". It is at our church near the bells. I think I have all the images...just got to get them printed and see what it looks like!

Day 46, Tuesday, February 15

One of our prompt's this week was to take a picture of our favorite restaurant. We eat at Avanti's about once a week. It is great italian food and very reasonably priced. We were really happy when they opened a restaurant in Pekin.

Day 45, Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! This is the front of the card that Jim got for me. His explanation was it had ribbon, glitter and was dimensional. Made me laugh...I guess he is listening! He bought me some beads to go on my individuality bracelet. Thanks, Jim!

Day 44, Sunday, February 13

Our card swap this month produced 14 awesome cards....again! We had to "sew" on our cards this month. My sewing machine doesn't really like to sew on paper...I don't know why, but it just doesn't like to sew through paper. So I cross stitched mine. It is the last one on the end of the second row of cards. You can see the little stitches if you enlarge the picture. Won't be doing that again!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43, Saturday, February 12

I went down to the river front this morning to look at the fence. I was trying to find an "s" in the scroll work. Anyway, I snapped a couple of pics of the bald eagles that were in the trees across the river. A guy stopped me and asked if I got some good shots...I said a few. He told me to go down the road by the root beer stand and there were lots of eagles. So,I did...and he was right! There is a pond at the end of the road and there were lots of eagles just sitting in the trees. This eagle was enjoying his lunch!

Day 42, Friday, February 11

We went to the hockey game tonight...Peyton spent the night with us. When we got to the Civic Center, there was two concerts, a hockey game and a chess tournament. Well, Peyton has joined the Chess Club at school, so he talked me out of a magnetic chess set tonight. Jim played one game with him tonight. There was something about a "rare" move and a new rule where you can "pass" your turn if you don't have a good move!

Day 41, Thursday, February 10

Just a few icicles hanging from our house. The snow is beginning to melt!

Day 40, Wednesday, February 9

Stacie hosted her 31 Party at my house tonight. Peyton came over tonight with Cyndi. I got the bucket of Legos out and he was very busy!

Day 39, Tuesday, February 8

Jim was helping me do some cleaning in the family room. I guess Giz was helping Jim, too!

Day 38, Monday, February 7

After I bought my Canon Rebel (Jan '10), I wanted a new camera bag. I used an old black camera bag until this bag came to my door, today! I found this bag last September and it has been out of stock. I got an email it was back in I ordered it. Jim told me to buy it for my birthday (last october) Happy Birthday to February! Thanks Jim!

Day 37, Sunday, February 6

Today was the Super Bowl. While I personally don't know anything about football...just don't get it...or maybe don't WANT to get it! Anyway, it is fun to watch the commericals and half time show. This year, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were the two teams in the Super Bowl. The Packers won!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36, Saturday, February 5

We went to Peoria today, to do some bargain shopping (and we hit the jackpot!). I wanted to go down to the water front to see what the river looked like after all the snow we had this week. I took several shots, but liked this one the best. The red wheel on the blue water with the white ice. I don't think the Spirit of Peoria will be going anywhere soon! That is Interstate 74 bridge in the background.

Day 35, Friday, February 4

I have been reading about different prompts for Project 365, since this is my 3rd year of taking a Picture Of The Day, I need to "find" inspiration. This picture represents something from my work day. The first thing I do every morning, besides answer the phone, is to count the daily lunch money. I didn't know there were so many different ways to fold a dollar bill, until I started counting money at school!

Day 34, Thursday, February 3

I have been working on Valentine's Day cards. I got this idea for my cards when I was at Scrapadoodle last weekend. It is outta the box for me...but they were fun to make. I used my new Tim Holtz heart with wings die and one of his stamps from the ticket set. I used cardboard from a box and inked and blinged everything! I tied the ticket on with baker's twine. I can hear the postal clerk groan when I step into her line with these! lol

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33, Wednesday, February 2

Blizzard 2011 is over! Thank you, God! It has snowed for a very long time and it finally stopped, but the wind kept blowing. We went out and shoveled and snow blowed the driveway (Jim did a couple of the neighbor's, too!). I don't know what the total snow fall for our area was...but from our driveway, it looks to be about 15 inches! Thundersnow is very scary, too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32, Tuesday, February 1

During the night, Giz started breathing hard and wouldn't settle down. I wanted to take him to the ER Vet, but was afraid I couldn't get there because of the weather (snow day today). I took him to our Vet at 8 when they opened. He has an upper respiratory infection. He also has been having some accidents and I talked to Dr Jess about it. He did a sonogram and xray of his bladder...Gizzy has a stone in there and some floating sand. When he is well, he will have to have surgery to get that stone! You can see...he was ready to go!

Day 31, Monday, January 31

I recently purchased a new book from Becky Fleck, "PageMaps 2". In the back of the sprial bound book are these "cards". I pulled them out of the book and put them on the ring for easy flipping. I liked it so much...I did the same thing to the cards that were in her first book!

Day 30, Sunday January 30

This is how my pineapple corer works. It spiral slices the inside of the pineapple, cuts the core on the way down. I cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple first and twist the tool down through the center. I slice through the out side skin and through the flesh of the pineapple. Jim always picks out the perfect size pineapple!

Day 29, Saturday, January 29

I've been working on my beach album again. I only have a few more layouts to do....can you hear Zak Brown Band in the background....I got my toes in the water and my a$$ in the sand! Anyway, these are pics from the Florida Aquarium. We had a wonderful day there in July 2009. These fish are in aquariums in the "Ocean Commotion" display. I used my Cricut and Design Studio to create the title for this layout.