Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 269, Monday, September 26

Ryan and his crew were here at 6:30 this morning to start putting new shingles on our house.  They worked until it started to rain at 1:45 p.m., this afternoon.

Day 268, Sunday, September 25

I started making the Halloween cards that I will send out this season.  I love to make the cards to send to my family and friends.  I send almost as many Halloween cards as I do Christmas cards!  This one was sure alot of fun...and work! lol

Day 267, Saturday, September 24

The Peoria Art Guild Art Fair was held this weekend.  I painted a tile for the community art mural.  It is #26.  I hope I can get a picture of the finished piece this year!  The art fair is held on the riverfront.  There are sure a lot of pretty things there...with some pretty high prices, too.

Day 266, Friday, September 23

We both laughed when we saw this Babka at Panera Bread.  It reminded us of the Jerry Seinfeld episode where they are going to a party and want to take the Babka cake as dessert!

Day 265, Thursday, September 22

Winston doesn't like my camera.

Day 264, Wednesday, September 21

Bass Pro officially opened tonight at 6 p.m.  We didn't go...Jim had gotten in last friday night and then on saturday they wouldn't let anyone in!

Day 263, Tuesday, September 20

I got my new ink pads.  Tim Holtz announced his new seasonal ink pads the other day and they were sold out in 6 hours.  There will be 3 Christmas ink pads, too!

Day 262, Monday, September 19

I bought this pumpkin die at Scrapadoodle over the weekend.  I also got the movers & shapers to make it a Jack-o-lantern!  I can't wait to make some pumpkins!

Day 261, Sunday, September 18

11 green Goodwill...for Nate...for a temporary job at OSF!

Day 260, Saturday, September 17

I punched the remainder of the backs for our Paw Awards, tonight.  I used a 1 3/4" punch to make the circles for the backs of the green, red and blue awards.  The girls at school helped punch the 200 orange ones that we used the other day.

Day 259, Friday, September 16

For about the last 5 years (or as Tim says, 4 1/2, since he only has 4 1/2 fingers on one hand!  lol), Tim has daily asked Cindy if she has made any apple crisp!  So today was the day!  She had a big bowl of apple crisp and vanilla ice cream waiting for him when he brought the mail.  Tim has been our mailman at school for about 22 years!

Day 258, Thursday, September 15

I had to wait for the cable guy to show up this afternoon, between 4 and I sat at the kitchen table and punched paws for the Paw Awards!  Each punch makes 5 pieces of confetti...and I have to make 800 of them...lots of confetti!

Day 257, Wednesday, September 14

We started making the Paw awards today.  There was lots of punching, cutting, glueing and cutting going on in the teacher's lounge this afternoon.  We did get 100 completed...we have to make 800 of them!

Day 256, Tuesday, September 13

I added tags to our lunch bags this weekend.  It makes it easier to enter the lunch money in the computer.  I thought it looked funny...all those tags hanging from the bags in the mailboxes...guess you had to be there!

Day 255, Monday, September 12

We had our card swap tonight.  The challenge was to use acetate on our card.  I cut the front of this card and edged the bottom with a Tim Holtz die (stamp).  You can't really see that in this picture.  I also cut an acetate leaf using the distress leaves die (Tim Holtz).   I used alcohol inks to color the back of the leaf.  It was fun to use the acteate.  I want to make some Christmas cards this same way...only snowflakes or snowmen!

Day 254, Sunday, September 11

I didn't take this picture...I found it on the internet.  It was a sad day as we watched the special on TV about September 11, 2001.  I remember being at school and thinking this was a horrible accident...until the second plane hit the second tower.

Day 253, Saturday, September 10

Today is Saige's first birthday party!  Her birthday was yesterday and we had a big birthday party today!  I picked this picture because there are 3 generations (wish I had gotten my brother in here, too!).  My mom, dad, nephew (Tyler) and great niece (Saige).

Day 252, Friday, September 9

This is my new motto.  Eat Less, Move More!  I have been trying to work on my diet and exercise for about 3 years now.  My bloodwork is better, but I still eat too much food...not really what I eat...just too much food!

Day 251, Thursday, September 8

This is the pitcher I use at work to make my Raspberry Lemonade.  I like the Kroger is like Crystal Light...but much better!  I bought this pitcher at Shopko in Springfield.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 250, Wednesday, September 7

Happy Birthday, Andy!  Today is my nephew's birthday.  He is now living in DC.  I don't get to see him very often anymore!  I hope you have a great birthday, Andy!  Love you lots!  It is also my friend, Pam's Birthday.

Day 249, Tuesday, September 6

I made this award for a sample for school.  We have started a positive behavior program at school and Janeie asked me to make some awards.  This one was the favorite, but some felt the boys might think it was a flower.

Day 247, Sunday, September 4

This snowman is part of the board book that I created in the class yesterday.  It is a pop-up.  The center of the red paper is where it folds back and collapses the 3-D snowman.  I will add a hat, scarf and eyes...maybe arms, too, soon.  There is also a Christmas tree on another page.

Day 246, Saturday, September 3

Scrapadoodle sent an email out on tuesday.  Lance Anderson, who owned Rusty Pickle paper company, was going to be teaching two classes today.  I had taken a class from him before and had a great time.  I called and registered for both classes.  He is an awesome teacher and keeps the class moving along.  He always makes sure that everyone has a successful project!

Day 245, Friday, September 2

I stopped this morning to take a picture of this flower.  It is a morning glory and last year, there was a huge bush of them right along the street.  This year, the "bush" has been trimmed back and there are only a few of the flowers.  This morning, this was the only flower in bloom.  I looked forward to seeing these flowers this year, but was sadden to see only 1 at a time!

Day 244, Thursday, September 1

Hello, Winston!  You might as well get use to the camera if you are going to be living in this house!  We are keeping Nate's dog until he can move into a place where he can have a dog.  Winston is Nate's 7 year old bull dog.  He thinks he weighs 5 pounds...but he really is 40 pounds of drool and poop and gas!

Day 243, Wednesday, August 31

Very Super Secret Project!

Day 242, Tuesday, August 30

This is the hail storm that did $1,776 worth of damage to my car and $977 worth of damage to Jim's car.  Today, I got my car repaired.  Jim's will be repaired on Thursday.  I don't know how they do it...but it is done from the inside...paintless dent repair!

Day 241, Monday, August 29

The color is red.  Today is the first day of the colors for kindergarten.  I picked out all of the red lifesavers and took a picture of them!

Day 240, Sunday, August 28

Pekin is known as the Marigold Capital of the World.  I love the colors in these flowers...but they don't really smell good.

Day 239, Saturday, August 27

We took Jordan to Toys R Us to buy a birthday present for him.  He was 6 on August 1.  In about 5 minutes, he had thrown all of the Backyard Safari toys in my cart!  We went to McDonald's to eat lunch and stopped at the airport to see if there were any planes landing.  No planes, but we thought we would come back another day.  It was so much fun taking him out for the day!

Day 238, Friday, August 26

I had to have my picture taken with the Tiger!

Day 237, Thursday, August 25

Sweet little baby feet!  I just love little baby feet.  These feet belong to Kenzie, who is Toni and Jeremy's little girl who is about 5 weeks old.  Stacie used my Rebel to take some pictures of Kenzie today.  She did a great job!

Day 236, Wednesday, August 24

The first week of school is always hectic, tiring, exciting, new and stressful.  I bought flowers for Cindy and me to have on our desks.  I got the purple ones and Cindy got peach ones.

Day 235, Tuesday, August 23

My Bamboo Craft Pen & Tablet came today!  I don't know how to use it...but I am excited to learn.  Thanks, Jim, for getting it for me from EBay!