Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 262, Sunday, September 19

I bought these fall flowers at Michael's a couple of weeks ago. I finally got them arranged in a vase today.

Day 261, Saturday, September 18

We went to Rob and Cyndi's for the annual fish fry. We had about 40 people attending the party today. For the last several years, we have played Hillbilly Golf. We each pay $2 to participate and the teams are decided by putting everyones name in a hat and drawing. I was lucky this year, I was paired with Jeff, who is an awesome player. We won first place and got $12 each. Since Jim paid the entry fee for me, him and Stacie....I split the winnings with him.

Day 260, Friday, September 17

The prompt today was "hearts" from my project 365 friend, Bridget. I have been wearing this black "wire" with a magnetic clasp for a while now. I like the different hearts that I have collected to wear.

Day 259, Thursday, September 16

At school today, we began our fall fundraiser. This year, we are using a different company than we have for several years. Instead of giving the students prizes at the end of the sale, we are giving out "ducks" every other day depending on the number of items they sell! I took a picture of all the different ducks. There are 30 different ones. They are small and are on a keychain that will clip to a lanyard. The kids seems excited about it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 258, Wednesday, September 15

Today was the deadline to complete the cartridge challenge from the Project 365 thread. Some of the girls challenged each other to use every Cricut cartridge they owned by September 15. This is the second time this year, that I have completed this challenge. I worked off and on all weekend to finish using all of the cartridge by making these cards. Most of the cards, I used more than one cartridge to help me cut through those last 15 cartridges! Yippee! I did it! Again!

Day 257, Tuesday, September 14

Tonight, when I let Giz outside, I looked out the window to see if he was done...and this frog was stuck to the window. I don't know what kind of frog he is...or maybe he is a toad...but he was really green and stuck to the window with his "fingers".

Day 256, Monday, September 13

Becky Higgins has suggested on her blog, to take a picture from the floor. So, today, I had to take Giz to the vet....AGAIN...seems like we have been going on a monthly visit almost this entire year! Anyway, this is the picture of Giz using my camera sitting on the floor.

Day 255, Sunday, September 12

Shrimpfest! Red Lobster began the annual Shrimpfest this week. Of course, Jim had to get his fix of shrimp scampi. Needless to say, he had scampi, scampi and scampi! This is what is left of our shrimp! yummy, yummy, yummy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 254, Saturday, September 11

Nine years ago, the twin towers stood in New York City. That morning as everyone began work for the day, 2 seperate planes flew into each tower, starting fires and the eventual collaspe of each tower. I remember I had just arrived to work and someone said that a plane had accidentially crashed into one of the towers in New York. Within a few minutes, we knew it wasn't an accident. I remember trying to call Jim and not being able to get the call to go through. The lines were jammed with calls. I remember being afraid for my children who were away at college. I remember watching the news in the principals office for the greater part of the day. I remember following all the news stories for the next few weeks as the details were discovered. There was a third plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. This summer we stopped at a rest area on the Pennsylvania turnpike that was near the crash site. All of these planes were passenger planes. I remember 9/11/01, like it was yesterday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 253, Friday, September 10

Our prompt today was "shoes". My friend Bridget has been posting a daily prompt for our picture a day. I have been taking a picture every day and journaling about it since January 1, 2009, so if you do the math...that would be 618 days in a row! That is alot of pictures and tons of words. Anyway, back to the shoes...these shoes have been on my feet for the majority of the summer. I love my burkies...I have several pair. These are the newest...and currently my favorite!

Day 252, Thursday, September 9

Welcome to the world babygirl Saige Ryleigh! She arrived today at 2:58 p.m., weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 19 inches long! Her dad and mom are very proud of her and happy that all went well with the delivery. I got to hold her when she was about an hour and a half old! The last time I held a baby that was one of my own! Congratulations to my nephew Tyler and Christain for making me a Great Aunt! Love all 3 of you!

Day 251, Wednesday, September 8

The color today was Blue. While this picture isn't really is a picture of my car and it is blue! I just watched it roll 50,000 was 5 years old at the end of June.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charm for Project 365

I am in a charm swap with my Project 365 girls! I used a Tim Holtz fragment and glued it to my stamped image with glossy accents. I drilled a hole in the top of the fragment before glueing it. I colored the image with my prisma pencils and used odorless mineral spirits to blend the colors (MCPT). I attached a green bead and a purple bead to the large jump ring and attached it to a lobster clasp. I hope the other girls like it...the words I have highlighted purple... are the things that represent me as a scrapbooker/card maker.

Day 250, Tuesday, September 7

It was purple day in I wore my purple shirt! Next to me, is Travis, who came to school today to talk to our students about Boy Scouts. Travis is a very good friend of my daughter, Stacie. He worked at Menards for several years with her and spent oodles of time at our house as her friend. Stacie was in his wedding a couple of years ago and Travis and Lindsay have a beautiful daughter named Anna! Anna is about 16 months, I think. I was surprised to see Travis walk in our door at school...and thankful that he agreed to be in the picture of the day! It is so rewarding to see the kids who grew up with our children, become young productive adults!

Day 249, Monday, September 6

I worked on this birthday card today. I used Joys of the Season to cut the present...gotta get those cartridges used...still have about 15 more to go! I cut the present with the shadow for the brown, then again with the dots and the ribbon out of green sparkly paper...added a rhinestone for a little bling. The circle and scalloped circle are cut with nesties.

Day 248, Sunday, September 5

Here I am with pretty pink flowers! Again, I don't know what kind of flower this is...I just know how pretty it is! Covers the picture of the day for me!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 247, Saturday, September 4

I wish I was posting a picture of my new great niece! She was due today...but as you can see...this is not a picture of a new baby!!! Actually, she could possibly still arrive today...since it is about 10:3o ish right now...but she wasn't even thinking about it today!
Since I had posted a picture of James Field the other day...I thought it was fitting to post of picture of West Campus....Pekin High School. As you can see, some of the windows are boarded up. There hasn't been any students in this building since 1997-98 school year. Nate was a sophmore leaving this school behind. A few years ago, some developer bought it from the high school district for $60,000. He thought he could "do" something with it. But since it is not ADA equipped, etc., there would be so much $$$'s to renovate just sits like an old skeleton. At least someone has cleaned up the grounds, since the Marigold Festival is next weekend and the parade goes right down the street.

Day 246, Friday, September 3

The color of the day was brown. As you can Central Illinois, all of the corn stalks have turned brown. Last weekend, they were still green. Does the heat of August cause the green to go out of the leaves and stalks? I don't know...but it covered my need for a picture of the day with something brown in it! lol

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 245, Thursday, September 2

The only thing I could think of today to respresent the color of the day "Orange" was really an orange. So while I was at school today, I had to cut some paw prints for our behavior program. You see, our mascot is a Tiger and the students are given an orange paw print when they are "Caught Being Good". The paw prints were just laying on my desk as I cut them with the machine and I thought it would cover my "Orange" potd!

Day 244, Wednesday, September 1

Today was Green day and I had lots of things I could have taken a picture of, but I couldn't wait to get home and take a picture of my favorite little green cricut! Of course, I photographed it on green fabric and with my green mouse! This is the color I think of when someone says green!

Day 243, Tuesday, August 31

How about this yellow flower....again, I don't know what kind of flower it is...but I thought it was very pretty and today is Yellow day at school!