Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 151, Tuesday, May 31

Today was our last full day of school. We held a Read-A-Thon for our students. Each class got to travel around the building to other classrooms. Each teacher read a story to the class and did an activity to go along with the book. I cut about 170 "monsters" for one second grade teacher. The children got to color and decorate them however they wanted. I cut them out of white paper with my cricut and "Robots" cartridge.

Day 150, Monday, May 30

Memorial Day is a time to be thankful for all the soldiers, living and dead, that have supported our country by serving in the armed forces.

Day 149, Sunday, May 29

Today is Gizzy's 12th birthday! I can't tell you how thankful I have been to have this little guy for 12 years! I didn't think he would be here for me to hold on his 12th birthday. He had surgery on February 18 to remove a bladder stone. At the same time, the biopsy came back positive for bladder cancer. He had a sonogram done on May 3 and the tumor in his bladder has shrank at least 50%. Happy Birthday, little guy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 148, Saturday, May 28

I got to play with Saige for a while tonight! She is one happy little babygirl! She is going to be 9 months old on June 9. It doesn't seem like she should be that big already. She looks so much like her daddy...If Tyler had been a girl...this is what he would have looked like!

Day 147, Friday, May 27

Hello, Rocky! My boss just bought a puppy. He is an English Bull dog and is about 5 months old. He is very friendly dog. He is learning the ropes at home and seems to be very laid back!

Day 146, Thursday, May 26

I couldn't pick just one picture! We went to the Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top concert tonight! It was loud rock n roll! Stacie and John bought us tickets for the concert for our anniversary. We had a great time listening to songs we grew up hearing a long time ago. Those boys can sure play the guitar!

Day 145, Wednesday, May 25

Today is Cindy and Eric's 32nd Wedding Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! I made this card using a new background stamp from Hero Arts and the new butterfly punches that I bought at Archiver's in Fairview Heights. Congratulations on 32 years, my friends!

Day 144, Tuesday, May 24

Caramelitos! Sarah Baker brought us our tickets for the play on June 3, today. She makes the best bar I have ever eaten. Chocolate, caramel, oatmeal and butter! Yum-o! And today, they were still warm!

Day 143, Monday, May 23

Our Peonies are blooming right now! They smell so wonderful. Jim cut a bunch of them off the bush and brought them in the house.

Day 142, Sunday, May 22

I finished the very last layout for my 2009 St. Pete Beach Album, today. Almost two years in the making....I am happy about finishing it...but sad because I won't be looking at these vacation pictures everytime I scrap!

Day 141, Saturday, May 21

I lost my lens cap at Busch Stadium in St. Louis when we went on our 35th Anniversary weekend. I stopped today and bought a new cap AND I bought 2 CapKeepers...maybe I won't have to buy another cap anytime soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140, Friday, May 20

Tonight, I went to the car wash and washed my car in the self wash bay. I had just finished vacuuming and I saw my friend, Stacey, getting her dog out of the car. Cooper is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. He weighs about 110 pounds. He had gotten in the mud today while we were working. She brought him to the "dog wash" to rinse the mud off of him. I helped her get him cleaned up. He had lots of mud on him and it had dried by the time she got home!

Day 139, Thursday, May 19

We had Playday this afternoon. The children got to play on the bouncers, dance to music and play games on the playground for 2 hours today. Our principal, Mr. Goss, got in the dunk tank. the staff and students got to throw softballs at the target to dunk him. Cindy hit the target, but it didn't go....so she pushed it anyway! I did hit the target and down he went! It was a fun day for all of us!

Day 138, Wednesday, May 18

I think this is the picture of an "S" that I am going to use for my "Smith" frame.

Day 137, Tuesday, May 17

We had 24 eggs in our building this spring. This is the only little guy who hatched!

Day 136, Monday, May 16

Our Pre-K students made these flowers for us for Secretary's Day. They used white coffee filters, tempra paint and glitter. The butterfly was from our fresh bouquet.

Day 135, Sunday, May 15

Lilacs smell really good today!

Day 134, Saturday, May 14

I am so excited to see my purple iris bloom! They smell good, too!

Day 13, Friday, May 13

This fence has been a sore subject for many years. There are new owners and we were so happy to see them replacing this fence right away...until tonight when we got home and they had cut a hole in the fence and assembled the pool filter on our side!

Day 132, Thursday, May 12

I bought this hanging basket from the Pekin High Band. They always sell flowers and hanging baskets as a fund raiser. I hope it looks this good in another month!

Day 131, Wednesday, May 11

55,555 miles on my car today! My car always has low mileage because I don't drive very far to work!

Day 130, Tuesday, May 10

Working at the Car Wash! I always think of that song when I get my car washed.

Day 129, Monday, May 9

I went to the greenhouse today and couldn't resist taking a picture of all these pink flowers!

Day 128, Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day! We went to the Butterfly House this morning. It is an 8,000 square foot glass house where 2,000 butterflies fly around. The plants are all tropical and so are the butterflies. It is 85 degrees in the house at all times. I didn't know that butterflies only live for 2 weeks! That makes me very sad. They are beautiful! We also met Pat, Jill and Pete at Imo's for lunch today!

Day 127, Saturday, May 7

We went to the Cardinal's game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis today. The tickets were a gift for Jim for our anniversary. They were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. (Cardinals lost...sad face!) You can see the Arch in the background. I enjoy the pre-game activities, but after about the 5th inning...sorry Jim! We did go shopping at St. Louis Mills, today. I got to make a couple of scrapbook pages since today is National Scrapbook Day!

Day 126, Friday, May 6

We went to the Art Fair in the park in St. Louis tonight. This park has sculptures all around the park grounds. This eyeball is about 15 feet tall...now that is one hugh eyeball! (Looks like it could use a little visine!) We enjoyed walking through the art displays and looking at all the interesting sculptures!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125, Thursday, May 5

We met Stacie and John at El Somberito tonight! Happy Cinco De Mayo! We had strawberry margaritas...yummy! Mine was in a beer mug because they were out of regular glasses...but that didn't slow me down! We saw Tom, Jackie, Sydney, Cindy and Eric tonight, too! Awesome Mexican Food!

Day 124, Wednesday, May 4

The last couple of days, I have been helping one of the second grade teachers, Mrs. Goeken, with her Mother's Day gift from the students. I brought a bunch of stamps to school (flowers & this butterfly). She stamped the images on shrinky dink plastic and the students colored them. I helped her cut them out and bake them. I am amazed at how shrinky dinks work!

Day 123, Tuesday, May 3

We went to Texas Roadhouse tonight for dinner! Thanks to Mr. Goss, my boss, for a gift card for Secretary's Day last week!

Day 122, Monday, May 2

We had our card swap tonight. Lots of awesome cards from my Chirpin' Chicks! I do have a favorite for this month....the fishing vest! Our challenge was shimmer or shine cards. I have the best girls to swap cards with!

Day 121, Sunday, May 1

Today is Sunday, May 1. This is our 35th Wedding Anniversary! It is hard to believe that we have been married for 35 years. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday when we walked down the aisle to say I do.

So after the nice picture, Stacie said we had to do a funny one...so I picked up the bottle of wine that John and Stacie had given us for our anniversary and pretended to whack Jim over the head with it. (No persons living or dead were injured in the shooting of this photo! lol)

This is the card that I made for Jim for our anniversary. I used a Tim Holtz tag to start with and just kept inking and adding layers. The inside is pictured below.

Day 120, Saturday, April 30

We stopped at Co-op Tapes and Records tonight and bought our Zac Brown tickets! Can't wait until June 10!