Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last few days of Project 365

Day 230
This is my daughter, Stacie and her friend, Shannon. If I didn't know better...I would think they are related. Cute hair, cool shades and a date to get a pedicure!

Day 228
I stopped in the park on my way to the health club and took this picture. "May Peace Prevail On Earth" is written in four different languages. I really don't think I would have stopped and looked at this flower bed, if I hadn't been doing Project 365. I have been taking a picture a day since January 1 and journaling about it in a photo album. I think I appreciate my life more.


  1. The girls do look related! I have loved doing P365. I don't think I would have documented Colin's first year as well if I hadn't done it. It's a reminder to me to take pics everyday.

  2. I love the post and its saying. The girls look so much alike. Is your daughter on the Right? hope they had fun getting their pedicures.

  3. My daughter is Stacie, the one on the left.