Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 275, Friday, October 2

Here is my MCPT challenge card for the month. I have posted this card on my blog, but today it is the picture of the day for my project 365 album. (I just posted it earlier cause I was proud and wanted everyone to see it!) I mail the same image to about 35-45 different stampers each month. They all color the image and create a card and post it on the cricut message board. I enjoy this challenge because it is so much fun to see what everyone does with the same piece of paper that has the same ink on it! I have sent images to Arizona, California, Washington, Florida, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois of course and even Canada and England.


  1. One super terrific card. If your halloween ones look like this, then I'd love to be on your christmas card list. :)

  2. that card is FABULOUS!!!!!!
    you are an incredible artist