Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 330, Thursday, November 26 Happy Thanksgiving!

John and Stacie are thankful for each other, having jobs through 2009 and family & friends (everyone says that!)

Jim was thankful that his parents are home and doing well, Nate was thankful to have somewhat of a job and I am thankful for losing some weight and getting healthier. We are thankful for our family & friends, too!
Cyndi was thankful for Peyton and Rob & her having jobs. Peyton was thankful for food (as he was shoveling in a piece of pumpkin cake!), thanksgiving, his Mom & Dad and that he didn't have to go to school today! And of course, family & friends.


  1. That is a lot to be thankful for. Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family :)

  2. What great pictures Aprile. You do have lots to be thankful for