Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 30, Saturday, January 30

Celebrate Love was the title of this class that I took at Scrapadoodle, today! It was so much fun. I had the opportunity to take this class from Jillian McGriff, who is a very talented scrapbooker/artist. This was the first class she taught at Scrapadoodle...I can't wait for her next class. My love of scrapbooking (paper & glue & scissors), fabric (sticky backed canvas) & ribbon and painting and rolled it into one project. I learned how to use Claudine Hellmuth gel medium to transfer text from a page in a book to canvas (on the front), then we used the gel medium on the heart stamp and made a resist before we painted the bird on the front. I am not completely finished with the mini album, but I will get it done later this week or over the weekend and post the inside pictures. Most of the pages are done already, I just have to do some doodling, reprint a picture that was too big and add the text that goes on each page. This is my picture of the day for Saturday!