Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 364, Thursday, December 30

This is what the wreath in the previous post looks like during the day. You can see the structure of the ferris wheel...and also the lights that form the diamond shapes around the wreath. Jim drove me up the skinny bridge, so I could get this picture. (I don't like bridges...especially this one because it is narrow, steep and goes over the interstate.) If you enlarge this picture and look on the horizon, you can see the lights of downtown Peoria across the river. Can you imagine having that structure in your front yard for 30 days? I was standing in their driveway when I took this picture.


  1. Very cool, but you're right.I'm not sure I could have those lights in my "backyard all month!

  2. I must be a sucker for Christmas because I would love to look out my front door and see that every day. So very cool.