Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26, Wednesday, January 26

This note and pair of jeans were laying on my table when I got home tonight. Nate wants me to repair the buttons on this pair of jeans. The problem is ... there is no fabric left where the button should be! And the back pocket is the same I gotta figure out how to fix those. And that little striped epoxy square...Jim found it in his sock tonight! I don't know how it got there!


  1. Kids! I hope you are able to get them fixed for him. As for the epoxy sticker, hmm im surprised he hasn't found more than just this one lol

  2. Really, I am surprised,too! So this morning when he was getting dressed to go to work...I said...let me see your socks...don't want you taking any more of my embellishments with you!

  3. The sticker is just hiliarious. We find them all over too, and I just don't even have that many. How nice a mom are you to fix his jeans. :)