Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 173, Wednesday, June 22

Peyton and I spent the day together. We were really busy! We went to Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us (for a new board game to play this summer), Chuck E Cheese, the Zoo and Culver's for a little afternoon treat! This is my favorite picture from the Zoo! We had already visited the lion's den and I looked across from the other end of the exhibit and both of the lions were sitting on top of the rocks. We went back around to the observation deck and I snapped a few photos. The big guy was staring right at me! There is a sign along the walkway that says, "Stay off of the rocks or you may become Lion lunch!". I believe every word of that warning! (the giraffe's are still my favorite!)

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  1. this is a awesome picture you should blow it up and frame it. I wouldn't want to become lion lunch so I'd stay off the rocks. lol