Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 341, Monday, December 7

Our Chirpin' Chicks Cookie/Recipe exchange and Christmas party was tonight. The girls made 5 dozen cookies to trade. I didn't make cookies or recipe pages, but wish I had gotten copies of the pages...just for the art work. (Maybe Cindy will let me shoot pics of her pages, so I can post them!) These girls are very creative! We ordered pizza from Monical's. We had a $10 gift exchange...we drew numbers to see who picked a gift first. When it was your turn, you could steal a gift from someone else or pick a new one. We had a really good time. Thanks, Linda for hosting our party again this year!

Jackie brought her album already decorated. She put the pages in her book as they were passed around. Jennifer brought her book, too!
Jen and Kim
The girls set the cookies out and lined up to assemble their cookies in the boxes. I soooo wanted to eat those cookies....but I didn't even eat a crumb!


  1. you are one strong "cookie" to walk away from all them yummy looking ones on the table.

    The cricut book is so cute.

  2. Looks like you had a good time, and good for you on not eating a crumb, what about the whole cookie? LOL

  3. This looks so good and such fun.