Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 362, Monday, December 28

This is the apartment building that Jim and I lived in when we got married 33 years ago. We were the first tenants in that apartment. We lived there for just under 2 years. I remember our rent was $175 a month. Ours was on the second floor, left side. The big window was the living room and the smaller window was the bedroom. I didn't miss carrying laundry or groceries up those steps when we moved to our house!


  1. What a fun idea!! Isn't it funny....I bet $175 for rent seemed so much then too!

  2. Wow $175 I can't even fathom that. How neat that you could go back to the beginning and get this shot. I'd have to drive over 6 hrs to our first place. Maybe a good idea for next yr.

  3. How great you could go back and see that place, great picture, great memories