Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 78, Friday, March 19

Q is for Quaker. I have been instructed by my doctor to eat oatmeal to lower my bloodwork. Well, I am sorry to say, this girl is NOT eating hot oatmeal out of a bowl...not today, not tomorrow, not ever. My favorite way to eat oatmeal is in no-bake cookies that my BFF Cindy makes. But since cookies are out of my diet for now (probably forever!) I found these bars that are 100 calories and 3 fat grams. I keep one in my purse just in case I am out and need something to eat. Helps me stay on track!


  1. IM with you Aprile, I don't like oatmeal in any shape or form. I can tolerate the chewys just a little.

  2. I am withh you Aprile I do not like hot those bars I love those.