Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 201, Tuesday, July 20

Today we drove from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio. There were a couple of pictures to choose from as there have been since last friday when we left for vacation. This one is the most memorable for me. I didn't know when we started out driving today, that we would be going through not one, but 4 tunnels through the mountains. I HATE to go through a tunnel, much less drive through one myself. I don't think I drew a breath until we reach the other end!


  1. I love tunnels! I'm sorry you had to drive through them...hope they weren't too long so you could breath easily

  2. Didn't you say you didnt like bridges as well? Well I hope it was a quick ride thru the tunnel.

  3. How fun but not so much for you. Your pictures look like you had a fab time. Can't wait to see more.