Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 245, Thursday, September 2

The only thing I could think of today to respresent the color of the day "Orange" was really an orange. So while I was at school today, I had to cut some paw prints for our behavior program. You see, our mascot is a Tiger and the students are given an orange paw print when they are "Caught Being Good". The paw prints were just laying on my desk as I cut them with the machine and I thought it would cover my "Orange" potd!


  1. Do they put the paw prints up on the wall somewhere? Great choice for your orange day.

  2. Yes, I forgot to post what they do with the paw prints. They are displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway all year long. They also get a certificate to take home to their parents and a pencil that says "Caught Being Good!".

  3. AWESOME. I love it when kids get recognized for being good not just when they are bad. :)