Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 247, Saturday, September 4

I wish I was posting a picture of my new great niece! She was due today...but as you can see...this is not a picture of a new baby!!! Actually, she could possibly still arrive today...since it is about 10:3o ish right now...but she wasn't even thinking about it today!
Since I had posted a picture of James Field the other day...I thought it was fitting to post of picture of West Campus....Pekin High School. As you can see, some of the windows are boarded up. There hasn't been any students in this building since 1997-98 school year. Nate was a sophmore leaving this school behind. A few years ago, some developer bought it from the high school district for $60,000. He thought he could "do" something with it. But since it is not ADA equipped, etc., there would be so much $$$'s to renovate just sits like an old skeleton. At least someone has cleaned up the grounds, since the Marigold Festival is next weekend and the parade goes right down the street.

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  1. what a great looking building, just sad that its sitting empty. Hope they will find someone or something to do with it.