Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 244, Tuesday, September 1

I am so proud of myself! I have completed each and every month of my 2009 calendar. This is the August layout. I record what each "picture of the day" is on the calendar. I also have birthdays listed and other activities that happen during the month. When the year has ended, my plan is to remove the wire binding and put the pages in my regular scrapbook with the other layouts that I have done for the year. (there were 12 different "Chirpin' Chicks" who created the pages...we each made 12 of the same layout and traded to have 12 different layouts for the calendar)


  1. Aprile you are a genius. That is a really cool idea. One I might do next yr.

  2. Love the page and the pictures. Do you have wheels of death written on all the pages too? ;) This is a great idea. I wish I was a Chirpin' Chick!

  3. Those are great what a great idea.