Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 220, Sunday, August 8

I got this basket yesterday at a yard sale. I had driven by it 3 days in a row...and didn't stop. So after I got home from the Stampin' Up party yesterday, I stopped to check it out. It was a Longaberger picnic basket. The owner had $35 on it. She said to me, "That is a really good basket." (Yep, I know that) I checked it all over for cracks in the splints and handles. I have made about 4 of them myself at the I kinda know what to look for. It was dated 1994. I asked her if she would take $30...well, it HAD been sitting there for 3 days!! She said that was as low as she would go...she had paid $100 for it. I happily gave her $30 and got in the car. Jim said, Oh, boy!


  1. love this basket! I love picnic baskets...have the one my mom and dad had when they got married. We use it every time we go on a picnic.

  2. wow, this basket is in really good shape and what a deal :)

  3. Great basket, had to go and look up what it was.