Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 237, Wednesday, August 25

Grubs and birds and moles...OH MY! Well, Jim trapped a mole...he has been trying to catch this thing for a while. It has these spikey things that you push into the ground and then you step on the top (where the yellow label is) and flatten it out. When the mole goes through the run, it trips the spring and wack! He is toast! So, the grubs are a sign of healthy grass roots and that is what they like to eat. So, then the birds come to eat the grubs...and so do the moles. Our lawn was looking awesome (even the sod that Jim planted where the tree used to be!). Then the grubs things are not looking so good. This doesn't make Jim happy...or me either because he makes a face every time we pull out of the drive!


  1. Oh so its like whack-o-mole. LOL sorry they are messing with your grass. Maybe there is some kind of fertilizer that you can put down to keep the grubs from coming.

  2. Yep, just like whack-o-mole...only now it is dead! There is a grub killer that he used...but it was too late!