Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 124, Tuesday, May 4

Hello, Cooper!! He is an 11 week old puppy that one of my friends at school, just adopted. He is part Lab and part Grand Pyrenees. If you know anything about dogs...this guy is going to be BIG!! He weighs 24 pounds you see the size of those paws? He is the most mellow puppy I have ever met. He would rather be carried. He will only walk a few feet and then sit down. Doesn't like the collar and leash one little bit. I would have this dog or one of his litter mates if I didn't have Giz and lived out in the country where he could run and roam.


  1. he doesn't look like a pup he looks full grown, I can't even image the size he will be when he is full grown. My boys would love a big dog, NO WAY

  2. OH I want him!! My kids would love him!!