Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 150, Sunday, May 30

Today started out as a good day, but went sour very quickly. Jim went to a Card/Cub baseball game in Chicago. I did my usual workout and tan routine. Stacie and John invited me to lunch and when I got home, Giz had taken a turn for the worse. He had been feeling bad a little last week, but felt better on Wednesday. I thought he was getting over a little flu like bug. Not so...he started throwing up and having accidents in the after the other as quickly as I could clean them up. Then he couldn't stand up and I knew he had to go to the ER Vet. I stayed there for 5 hours waiting to see how he was doing. He had a temp, elevated red blood cells, low potassium, dehyration and an elevated liver profile. They started IV antibotics and had to stay overnight. He had a drop in blood sugar on Monday and convulsions...they added glucose to the IV and a second antibotic. I had to pick him up (with IV still going) and take him to our vet on Tuesday morning. He stayed all day Tuesday, Wednesday and will go back on Thursday for more IV fluids. His blood work looked better today (Wednesday). We are not sure what caused all of this....but he is feeling better now.

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  1. I can't believe they don't know what happened. Good thing is that hes feeling better.