Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 161, Thursday, June 11

Today Cindy and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Sombrerito, for lunch. We have been eating with this family since Jade's grandparents owned the original restaurant in East Peoria, back in the 80's. When we got there today, Jade came and told us that News 25 reporter Eric Shangraw and photographer Doug Smith were coming to do their segment "You Gotta Eat". After they filmed some shots in the restaurant, I went outside and asked if they would be my "picture of the day". Not only did they agree...Eric said to Doug to grab the camera so I could get an "action" shot. I explained that I took a picture and journaled about it everyday. Doug said "Oh, 365, right?" I said , yes, do you know a scrapbooker? He said he didn't, but knew about project 365. Sometimes, you just have to ask if you can take a never know what you're gonna get (borrowed that from Forrest Gump!). Here is a link to the video that aired on the news can see Cindy and I in the background, just before they talk to Jade.


  1. How fun. That was funny he knew about the 365.

  2. I am surprised at the number of people that know about Project 365 too! Most people think it is impossible to do but we know better don't we! ;)

  3. We have a celebrity in our midst. How fun Aprile, I did see you and Cindy in the background. after watching the video I am no hungry for mexican. It looked so good.