Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 204, Saturday, July 23

Today, we went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  We wanted to go to the museum, but as we were walking in the door, there was a special grounds tour today.  It was an extra $15 each, but we got to see so much more!  We are standing on the track in front of the "pole" and behind the "yard of bricks".  We also got to see gasoline alley, the media room where the drivers and owners are interviewed before and after the race, the garages, the media room where there are 350 seats for reporters to watch and report the race activities, the infield hospital, where the drivers park their $1,000,000 motor coaches and we rode around the track on a bus!  It was an awesome experience!


  1. That sounds like alot of fun

  2. That sounds like an awesome deal for only $15 dollars more. Very cool!